Building a Granny Flat in Mackay

If you are considering building in Mackay, you’re probably already aware of the huge range of uses a granny flat can offer, not to mention the added value they can bring to your home. Dixon Homes in Mackay is Australia’s largest builder and with over 50 years’ experience in building and designing new homes , they are ready to help your granny flat get off the ground.

Let’s take a look at the range of granny flat designs on offer and talk more about the customisations and variations that can be made to ensure your new addition suits your needs, lifestyle and tastes.

Dixon Homes granny flat designs

There are dozens of floor plans and granny flat designs to choose from when you work with Dixon Homes.

One-bedroom granny flats

If you are looking for a small development, start off considering the GR2228 design. This granny flat is $120 840 and requires an area of 27 square metres. The open-plan dining zone with kitchen bar and space for a double bed may be all you need.

For a more private design, the GR2209, priced at just over $137 000, requires a lot width of 10.66 metres and allows a floor plan with separately zoned areas. A bedroom is tucked away behind closed doors, with private entry to the ensuite; and the living, kitchen and dining areas are spacious enough to be functional and comfortable.

Neither of these two designs allow for a car space; however, if your granny flat is required to be more complete and you have the space for a garage then take a look at Dixon Homes’ GR2218 or GR2219. Both of these granny flat designs feature one bedroom, one bathroom and a lock up garage for one car, and priced at $153 976 and $163 400, respectively, they offer the full package.

The GR2218 is a completely open-plan layout with space for a couch in the living zone, a four-seater table in the kitchen and a double bed. With laundry facilities easily accessible in the garage and an ensuite complete with shower, this can comfortably accommodate your needs with 66 square metres of space. In comparison, the GR2219 provides just that little extra space-wise and at just 87 square metres incorporates a private bedroom, a more spacious kitchen/dining zone (allowing for a six-seater table) and a couple of occasional chairs in the living.

If your desire for building in Mackay is to accommodate an elderly member of the family, or an adult child who wants to move out of the family home, these granny flat designs are sure to suit them perfectly.

Two-bedroom granny flats

With a lot width starting at just over 12 metres, a two-bedroom granny flat may be an option for your backyard.

The GR2234, priced at just over $150 600, offers 64 square metres of spacious living with an open-plan kitchen and living zone and two private bedrooms. Each room is large enough to accommodate a double bed, with the main room boasting a walk-in robe. With a central laundry and bathroom, and separate toilet, this granny flat would be perfect for a young family.

If your vacant land is approximately 16 metres wide yet not so deep, the GR2225 may be more suitable. For $155 344 this spacious 70-square-metre granny flat also offers two private bedrooms, open-plan kitchen and dining zone, plus a cosy living area.

Both of these two-bedroom granny flats come without a car space. If you can accommodate a garage, take a close look at the floor plans of the GR2217 and GR2239.

The GR2217 is priced at just over $167 900 and is similar in layout to the GR2225 on a wide lot; however, covering 92 square metres, this caters for a lock up garage for one car. Pay an extra $5000 and your granny flat design will become a whole lot more spacious. The GR2239 priced at $172 824 is 115 square metres of luxury with two bedrooms, or one plus study, two bathrooms and a lock up garage for two cars. This design allows you to build what could be considered another home on your property. Anyone who lives here would be completely self-sufficient and enjoy spacious living conditions.

Double-storey granny flats

Granny flats have come a long way since the term was first coined. Suitable for families, young couples and relatives, a double-storey granny flat might be the ultimate solution for your needs. Not only will it add incredible value to your existing property, but will offer an independent home right in your backyard.

Dixon Homes currently offers Mackay residents three double-storey granny flat designs. The FR2202, FR2203 and FR2205. Each design provides space for a double lock up garage on the ground floor and two bedrooms, one bathroom and spacious living upstairs. Area-wise, they are almost identical in size at 138 or 139 square metres and prices vary from $334 332 to $345 210. A double-storey granny flat is a great idea when your available land size is limited yet you want to make the most out of it.

With so many granny flat designs available, it can often be challenging deciding on which floor plan will best suit your property. Try to simplify the process by considering first what you aim to achieve by building a granny flat and then think about how you can best tailor the layout to ensure it is as spacious as possible and that you utilise the most natural light available. Dixon Homes offers plenty of designs and what is important to know is that all floor plans can be adjusted to suit your needs. In a limited area it is critical to opt for the most suitable fixtures and fittings that simplify your living zones and keep your space as roomy as possible.

When you are building in Mackay, chat to Dixon Homes. The team is available to answer all questions you have in relation to a granny flat design you are keen on, and are experienced and familiar with local council rules and regulations. For a hassle-free process and a quality result, there is only one number to call.

Contact Dixon Homes today to make your dream a reality.