Kitchen Ideas For Your New Mackay Home

Your kitchen is a central hub in your house, so it’s important that the design you choose really comes to life when building your new home in Mackay. No doubt you’ve browsed through plenty of design magazines, grabbed snippets of kitchen layouts that you love from your friends’ homes and even been able to identify from your existing kitchen what simply does not work. Designing a kitchen is personal and needs to work for you, so don’t rush it. Here are a few ideas well worth considering when you are designing the kitchen space in your new home.

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The Time Is Ripe To Enter the Mackay Property Market

With the Mackay property market recently ranked in Australia’s top five buyer’s markets, it’s the perfect time to take a close look at this region. Low property prices and favourable interest rates give home buyers and investors the perfect opportunity to design and build their dream home before the market picks up.Let’s see what makes Mackay such a livable city and uncover how to make the most of the favourable real estate opportunities available.

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Building a New Home and Buying into a Community

When you build a new home, if you haven’t already purchased land, there’s a good chance that you will be building in a land release as part of a planned community. These differ greatly in terms of their location, block size and number of homes ranging from hundreds of homes to exclusive releases of just less than 50 homes. This makes it very important that buyers understand what they are buying into, and make sure that the community suits their needs and lifestyle.

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Bowen Property Market 2014 Update

Bowen is located in Northern Queensland, approximately halfway between Mackay and Townsville and is considered part of the ‘dry tropics.’ With around 10,000 residents, the town enjoys a laidback lifestyle and a relatively diverse economy for a town of its size, with fertile soil suitable for growing tomatoes, watermelon, rockmelons and capsicums. It’s also home to the famous ‘Big Mango’ representing the Australian mango industry where many Kensington Pride mangoes are grown.

The town sits on a peninsula with ocean located north, east and south. 25 kilometres north of the town is Abbot Point coal loading port where coal is exported from the surrounding Galilee Basin, notably to China and India. Plans are also in place to increase sugar production in the region.

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New Home Building Trends in 2013

When you take the first tentative steps towards building a new home there are going to be many decisions that you need to make. Firstly your home should reflect your lifestyle and be somewhere you are happy. At the same time bear in mind that as time progresses your circumstances may change and it’s important to not personalise your home to the extent you will alienate and future buyers. Continue reading

Save money. Choose the builders in Mackay who use their common sense.

Having been new home builders in Mackay since 1959 we have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. A lot of this knowledge now feels like commons sense to us, however not everyone has the experience we do, and sometimes it really shows. Let our experience become your advantage. As the cost of living increases steadily, money saving practises are becoming more and more important as Australians feel the financial pinch. Why not save money where you can? We can help to ensure that your house is designed and built in a way that optimises your energy savings year after year. Continue reading

Build a new home in Mackay, a region with stability through diversity

There are many reasons to build a new home in Mackay. The region has the sweet reputation of being the nation’s sugar capital, it is a major producer of Australia’s coal, and the area has beaches and island galore, not to mention the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rainforests.  It is a great region with a promising future. The industry diversity offers a unique stability. Builders in Mackay are always in demand, as more and more people choose to secure their future in the area with a new home. Continue reading