How To Choose A Home Builder

Homebuilding companies are capable of constructing your dream home and how to choose a home builder ought to be the foremost priority of any prospective homebuyer. Unfortunately, not all homebuilders are of the same standard and this can result in vast disparities in the quality of their service and their finished products. The better companies within the industry offer a variety of features in their service and products that are of significant benefit to you as a homebuyer. This guide serves to outline some of the more apposite features of a home building company that warrant consideration when choosing a builder to construct your ideal home.

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Kitchen Ideas For Your New Mackay Home

Your kitchen is a central hub in your house, so it’s important that the design you choose really comes to life when building your new home in Mackay. No doubt you’ve browsed through plenty of design magazines, grabbed snippets of kitchen layouts that you love from your friends’ homes and even been able to identify from your existing kitchen what simply does not work. Designing a kitchen is personal and needs to work for you, so don’t rush it. Here are a few ideas well worth considering when you are designing the kitchen space in your new home.

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Building a Granny Flat in Mackay

If you are considering building in Mackay, you’re probably already aware of the huge range of uses a granny flat can offer, not to mention the added value they can bring to your home. Dixon Homes in Mackay is Australia’s largest builder and with over 50 years’ experience in building and designing new homes , they are ready to help your granny flat get off the ground.

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Enjoying a Tropical Lifestyle In Mackay’s Hot Suburbs

Living in Mackay offers an amazing range of natural surroundings and cultural heritage. The residents love the tropical lifestyle and most importantly feel safe in the suburbs that frame this beautiful area of North Queensland. The region boasts beautiful beaches, art galleries and access to the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays. If you are looking to build a new home in the area on your own block of land, or buy an off the plan development, Dixon Homes have your needs covered. Let’s take a look at the best suburbs in the region that cater for your individual budget.

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The Time Is Ripe To Enter the Mackay Property Market

With the Mackay property market recently ranked in Australia’s top five buyer’s markets, it’s the perfect time to take a close look at this region. Low property prices and favourable interest rates give home buyers and investors the perfect opportunity to design and build their dream home before the market picks up.Let’s see what makes Mackay such a livable city and uncover how to make the most of the favourable real estate opportunities available.

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The changing face of Mackay: A city transformed by major investments

Here in Mackay residents have seen a lot of changes going on. Major infrastructure projects from mining companies have brought a boom to the local economy and with many jobs still to be created, many people are looking to take advantage of property developments in the region. Dixon Homes Mackay is the team of local builders keeping up with demand as Mackay continues to prosper. Continue reading

Choose the right builders in Mackay

There are some tell-tale signs that show through when you have chosen the right builders. They will be honest, brimming with excellent advice about everything from design to positioning and they will listen to your needs to ensure you get the perfect home. Our Mackay based team consists of local builders backed by our famous national buying power. We offer you the best advice, access to the best prices and the creativity and innovation needed to design your future abode. Continue reading

Our building experience brings you great benefits

There are plenty of good reasons to build your new home in Mackay. While the area is probably most widely known for its mining industry, it is easy to forget that Mackay sits on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef. It also has stunning tropical rainforests and the sun soaked beaches abound. The region has a natural beauty, a solid economy and offers a great lifestyle. The decision to build your future in Mackay is an easy one and when you need a builder, Mackay makes that easy too. Our expert local builders are ready to help. Continue reading