6 Star Rated Energy Efficient Homes in Mackay

All new homes we build here Dixon Homes are built with sustainability in mind and meet or exceed the 6 star rating in their home design. If you’ve heard of 6 star rated energy efficient new homes, but are not sure exactly what it involves, we explain in greater detail below. An energy efficient new home will not only save you money and keep you comfortable throughout the year but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. Continue reading

How to build an eco-friendly sustainable home

It’s wise to plan for a sustainable home before you build as you can save money in the long-term and help minimise your impact on the environment. Taking in consideration these tips and discussing it with your Mackay builder early in the build process can make a huge difference in the running costs of your new home. Here’s how to ensure the long term energy efficiency of your new home built by Dixon Homes Continue reading