Eight Things to Consider When Building a New Home in Mackay

Building a new home is such an exciting time; however, it can feel quite overwhelming too. There are so many important elements to consider and aspects to coordinate, not to mention the finances to get in order. It’s comforting to know that you can partner with an award-winning new home building team at Dixon Homes, and build your dream home, complete with every feature you’ve always wanted, much easier than you may have imagined.

Did you know that Dixon Homes in Mackay not only offers 2000 exclusive new home designs to choose from, as well as plenty of variations, to allow you to build a home that is unique to you and your family, but also guarantees quality results and a hassle-free service?

When you are thinking of building in Mackay, take the time to consider our list of the top eight essential aspects to consider for your new home. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Design

There are almost an endless number of ways a floor plan can be designed and that’s where working with the experienced team at Dixon Homes really pays off. Every new home design is very personal so it needs to work for you. The ultimate result needs to suit your current lifestyle, take into account your future needs, your location, your land and even your budget. With so many things to consider, a visit to a showroom will start you off. And remember even if you spot a design that you love there is always room for variations to be made and additional customisations built in. Floor plans are crucial to ensure that rooms interconnect seamlessly, the house is functional and that every space created is fit for purpose.

2. Land size and slope

The size and slope of your Mackay property can make a big impact on the ultimate new home you choose to build. Don’t let a narrow or steep lot dampen your spirits, though. Some of the more interesting houses are built on land that is not your standard shape. There are plenty of options available, fabulous layouts and ways to capitalise on what you have to work with. A block of land that is wider than it is deep may best accommodate a double-storey home, particularly if there is a desire to capitalise on garden space, or alternatively if internal living zones are a priority, a spacious open plan living design may be your best option. Working closely with the Dixon Homes design team, you are sure to get the best result available.

3. Local council rules and building regulations

There’s nothing like a set of building codes and regulations to really throw you. Luckily the team at Dixon Homes are experts when it comes to understanding exactly what is needed to ensure your new home not only complies with local council requirements but the all-important Australian building regulations too. Building in Mackay needn’t be stressful with Dixon on your side.

4. Landscaping and efficiency

The way in which you choose to design your garden may not be an aspect you think of early on; however, it is well worth considering. A home can become more energy-efficient simply by the way in which a garden is designed, the positioning of trees and how you choose to pave. Purchasing mature plants is also quite a costly exercise and when you are planning your budget it is important that you take this into account. It may be better to start out with smaller plants to save money. They will always grow.

5. New home size

Whether you are downsizing or building a larger home to suit a growing family, it is always worth considering both your current needs as well as your potential future requirements. Adding an extra room, for example, into the floor plan may sound like a crazy idea, but there are plenty of ways a spare room can be used and it may be the best decision you have ever made. Giving yourself additional space may allow you to create a retreat, a home office or a music room. Whatever your hobbies or interests, it could be an option worth considering.

6. Build with resale in mind

Building your new home with potential buyers in mind may not sound like a positive approach. Of course, you can never cater for everyone’s tastes and preferences, but by considering classical fixtures and fittings, and features that are likely to appeal to others, should the time to sell ever arise, you’ll already be in a great position.

7. Budget

You cannot consider building a new home without a lot of budget planning. There is no denying that this will potentially be one of the largest financial expenses you have ever faced so it’s worth chatting to an accountant or a financial planner to ensure that you have everything covered, a contingency plan in place, and have the right amount of funds to support this exciting project.

8. Partner with the best

When you work with an experienced team of builders you’ll find that the service and result is priceless. That is exactly what the award-winning team at Dixon Homes guarantees. This may be the first and only new home you will ever build, so the experience needs to be seamless, and the result out of this world.

In addition to considering the layout of your home there are many other aspects to take into account too. The design of your kitchen and bathroom are very important, the position of the rooms to ensure maximum comfort and, of course, making sure there is plenty of storage. Experienced designers from Dixon Homes will cover off all aspects with you and not leave any corner to chance.

These eight top suggestions are just the start of what you need to consider when building a new home in Mackay . But don’t let that worry you. Let Dixon Homes worry about it all and you just enjoy the final result.

Building in Mackay is so easy when you work with Dixon Homes. For transparent pricing and the confidence that your new home is not far away, give Dixon Homes a call today.

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