Kitchen Ideas For Your New Mackay Home

Your kitchen is a central hub in your house, so it’s important that the design you choose really comes to life when building your new home in Mackay. No doubt you’ve browsed through plenty of design magazines, grabbed snippets of kitchen layouts that you love from your friends’ homes and even been able to identify from your existing kitchen what simply does not work. Designing a kitchen is personal and needs to work for you, so don’t rush it. Here are a few ideas well worth considering when you are designing the kitchen space in your new home.

Visit a Dixon Homes showroom

One of the first pieces of advice well worth following when building a new home with Dixon Homes, is to take the time to visit one of the local showrooms. These opportunities are not just a place to meet with the team, but most importantly, offer you the chance to really get a feel for what different designs look like up close.

You’ll get to walk through different rooms and really get a sense of the quality of finishes and fixtures. You can start to imagine yourself living and entertaining in your new home and, most importantly, you can move in and around the kitchen to see what works for you.

There are so many different kitchen designs available; traditional, modern, country-style, catering quality – the list goes on! Depending on how much you like to cook, and how functional your kitchen needs to be, your dream design may be very different from anyone else’s. Keep in mind that as a standard, all Dixon Homes house and land packages come with stainless steel kitchen appliances and custom built kitchens.

Kitchen storage

Whether you are building a small home or one where the kitchen will take up a lot of space, one key design feature that should be high on your list of must-haves is storage. The Dixon Homes design team has plenty of experience with kitchens and knows just how you can use every inch of space for smart storage. Storage options can be found under benches, in stairwells and even vertically on walls, leaving more floor space for other furniture – or just for living.

Multi functional – open plan living

Many of the latest new home designs offer a combined kitchen, dining and living zone that then opens out onto an alfresco patio. Not only does this allow a smaller home to feel more spacious, but becomes a fantastic entertaining area that is multi functional.

A kitchen that becomes a part of the main living area is a great idea, but when the time comes to decorate, consider how the kitchen will seamlessly extend into the other areas of your home. If you are incorporating neutral tones with splashes of colour in the kitchen, try to weave them into the lounge area or into different nooks in the dining zone, with cushions and table decorations too.

Go white

It is common to design your kitchen with a simple colour scheme. A neutral palette for the main walls, benchtops and cabinets allows you greater freedom and flexibility to re-decorate over time as your tastes change. Changing the design, pattern and even colours of your place settings and appliances can really transform a kitchen. Another clever way to incorporate a pop of colour is with a glass splashback that can also add depth and dimension to your space.

Streamline your kitchen

One of the key benefits of visiting showrooms, as earlier mentioned, is to be able to walk through a variety of kitchen layouts and get a feel for what works for you. Everyone navigates a kitchen slightly differently, so it is important to lock in a design so that the path you take is going to be as functional as possible.

Consider how often you move from the fridge to the workbench, from the sink to the dishwasher and from the cupboards to the pantry.

The ultimate personal solution must be simple, it must be designed for your lifestyle and ensure everything you need is in close proximity when you want it.

Maintaining a theme

Most homes are designed with a theme in mind, so have your theme clearly established before finalising the design for your kitchen. Sure, you can create a kitchen that stands out and shows off your flair and personality, but try to incorporate many of the design elements from the rest of the home into this space too. You don’t want it to look like an afterthought.

Incorporate a butler’s pantry

If you have the space, it’s worth considering building a new home with a butler’s pantry. These spaces are basically another kitchen, within your main kitchen. It’s the place where food preparation and mess can be hidden, leaving your main kitchen to always be in pristine condition; it’s a great idea when you are entertaining and you prefer to keep the action hidden from your guests’ eyes.

A kitchen is more than a dedicated area in the home where you cook meals and sit to eat. For many, it’s a central area of a house. It’s a space for catching up with friends, for creating masterpieces and for helping the kids with homework. It’s a place for pre-dinner nibbles, an informal meeting area or simply, the heart of the home.

What ever a kitchen is for you and your family, give it the attention it deserves. When designing your kitchen, ensure it is functional and, most importantly, ensure that it reflects who you are. After all, it’s going to be a place in the home used every single day.

If you are not sure where to start and need help designing your kitchen before building in Mackay, have a chat to the Dixon Homes design team. You’ll soon realise that they have answers for every question, not to mention over 50 years’ experience in building, plenty of design tips and ideas you can incorporate into your new home with ease. Tailoring a kitchen and customizing it has never been easier with hundreds of variations on offer for all new homes built.

Building in Mackay? Contact Dixon Homes today to make your dream home a reality.