4 Floor Plan Mistakes To Avoid When Building A New Home In Mackay

Congratulations on making the decision to build a new home in Mackay. The future will bring with it so many firsts and be challenging, but so rewarding. When you choose the right new home builder for your Mackay investment, you’ll get to design and fit out a brand new house that includes all the elements you’ve always dreamed of.

It is important however to not get too carried away with colour schemes and fittings and overlook the floor plan. A well thought out floor plan will ensure your home flows and works well for everyone. Here are 4 floor plan mistakes you can avoid so that your new Mackay home is everything you imagined it would be!

1. A standard floor plan need not be your chosen design

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the floor plan in the brochure is the one you must agree on. Designers provide you with a standard layout that they feel works best for the available block size but it may not suit you. There are always options and this is the first part of designing a new home that you need to get established.

Make sure you consider the lifestyle you want to cater for today, and also plan for the future. You may love the feel of an open plan living zone or much prefer separate zones. You may want a split level design or a layout that suits a U-shaped block. Decide on the design elements you want to include and then create a floor plan to ensure everything works.

2. Take into account your block shape and slope

Talking about block sizes and shapes, it’s important to consider a range of homes that are designed to suit all land dimensions. Have a chat to Dixon Homes in Mackay. They can offer you over 2000 unique house designs, many of which are created to accommodate wide lots, narrow lots, corner blocks or even steep sloping land. You name it, it’s been considered. Choosing a regular standard floor plan and thinking it will work with a non-regular block of land is a mistake you can avoid

3. Consider the orientation

The layout of your home, or its orientation, is very important and needs to be considered when a floor plan is mapped out. The position of north, south, east and west may seem like an insignificant design factor, but it’s surprising how much difference the right orientation can make. A home’s orientation allows for adequate air flow, plenty of natural light and ensures you to keep your home cool in Mackay’s hot summers.

4. Not enough rooms

A floor plan that is functional needs to take into account how a home will be used. You may decide that to suit your needs today, you only need 2 bedrooms. But what about tomorrow? You may also want to consider adding an extra ‘spare’ room into your floor plan. Whilst it may sound a little over the top, the extra space can work well as a retreat, a home office, or simply a place for additional storage. By considering these elements now, you’ll save yourself a lot of expense and trouble in the future if you try to renovate or extend.

Before you lock in your floor plan, take the time to visit a Dixon Homes display home. There are plenty of showrooms available in your local area that will give you the opportunity to see first hand how different layouts feel and what works for you.   And if you see something that does not make complete sense, ask questions. Don’t ever pretend you understand everything placed in front of you. House designs and architectural drawings can be confusing.

Floor plan mistakes are avoidable. If you are not sure where to start but want to take the first step and contact an expert new home builder in Mackay, get in touch with the team at Dixon Homes today. Tailoring a new home is easier and more seamless than you could have ever imagined.

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