Building a New Home in Mackay

So you’re thinking of building a new home?  If you’re considering Mackay as a place to build, you’re not alone.  Mackay is an area of growth due to its sugar cane, mining and tourism industries.  With a population of nearly 75, 000 and quieter than its northern neighbours Townsville and Cairns, Mackay’s tourism industry is still developing, which makes this a city full of opportunity.  If you’ve been waiting for the right time and place to build your new home , either off the plan or through a house and land package , read on to find out more about this very liveable city.

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Building a New Home and Buying into a Community

When you build a new home, if you haven’t already purchased land, there’s a good chance that you will be building in a land release as part of a planned community. These differ greatly in terms of their location, block size and number of homes ranging from hundreds of homes to exclusive releases of just less than 50 homes. This makes it very important that buyers understand what they are buying into, and make sure that the community suits their needs and lifestyle.

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Bowen Property Market 2014 Update

Bowen is located in Northern Queensland, approximately halfway between Mackay and Townsville and is considered part of the ‘dry tropics.’ With around 10,000 residents, the town enjoys a laidback lifestyle and a relatively diverse economy for a town of its size, with fertile soil suitable for growing tomatoes, watermelon, rockmelons and capsicums. It’s also home to the famous ‘Big Mango’ representing the Australian mango industry where many Kensington Pride mangoes are grown.

The town sits on a peninsula with ocean located north, east and south. 25 kilometres north of the town is Abbot Point coal loading port where coal is exported from the surrounding Galilee Basin, notably to China and India. Plans are also in place to increase sugar production in the region.

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Renting a home versus buying a home in Mackay

As of October 2014, the average rental price for a four-bedroom home in Mackay stands at $390.00 per week, with average 4 bedroom house prices around $400,000 (Source: RP data)

Based on a $350,000 home loan at 6.5 per cent interest, the weekly repayments would be $545.00 for a 25 year loan, and $510 per week for a 30 year loan term.

This extra $120.00 per week provides some serious thought for those who are renting anf wondering if they should buy their own home. For first home buyers who may be considering if it’s better to bite the bullet and buy their own home it’s always worth doing the crunching the numbers and determining the difference in price between renting and buying. Continue reading

Addressing the myth that ‘older homes are built better’

There is no doubt that the way homes are built today differ vastly from those homes built 50 or more years ago. It’s common for people to claim that homes built today are not built as well as those of past eras, and while it could be argued that there is an element of truth to this, on the whole it’s a myth that older homes were better built.

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What do Australians want from a new home?

When it comes to new homes, Dixon deliver the features that are most sought after. From spacious room sizes, open plan living, and quality fixtures and fittings – especially in the kitchen and bathroom – we stay up to date offering what our customers most want from a new home. We don’t do this on gut instinct though. Through industry surveys, including the recent Queensland Master Builders Association – here is what people want most from their new homes. Continue reading

6 Star Rated Energy Efficient Homes in Mackay

All new homes we build here Dixon Homes are built with sustainability in mind and meet or exceed the 6 star rating in their home design. If you’ve heard of 6 star rated energy efficient new homes, but are not sure exactly what it involves, we explain in greater detail below. An energy efficient new home will not only save you money and keep you comfortable throughout the year but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. Continue reading

7 ways to reduce costs when building a new home

Sticking to your budget when building a new home is absolutely essential. Overcapitalising can be easy if you don’t plan and manage your budget carefully, and there are many things that people don’t realise that can contribute to an ongoing expense saga.

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Home Designs for Narrow and Odd Shaped Blocks

Difficult or odd shaped block of land? No worries. Here at Dixon Homes Mackay we have over 1600 home designs which can accommodate all different blocks and types of land.

As those in the property game will know, not all blocks of land will make all home designs possible depending on space, but our builders have experienced building with all types of blocks (see above) even though we should mention that there can be sometimes extra considerations with narrow, sloped and corner blocks.  We share some of these below Continue reading