The Time Is Ripe To Enter the Mackay Property Market

With the Mackay property market recently ranked in Australia’s top five buyer’s markets, it’s the perfect time to take a close look at this region. Low property prices and favourable interest rates give home buyers and investors the perfect opportunity to design and build their dream home before the market picks up.Let’s see what makes Mackay such a livable city and uncover how to make the most of the favourable real estate opportunities available.

Uncovering the Mackay region

Mackay is located on the Queensland coast, mid way between Brisbane and Cairns. Its tropical climate, hot summers and mild winters make it a location loved by its residents and tourists who visit all year round. Easily accessible by a fantastic transport network, Mackay is one place well worth taking a close look at.

The region is highly popular with families and offers great job opportunities, a range of quality schools and universities, and attractions for kids of all ages. With numerous hospitals, excellent fitness centres and sporting arenas, the population of 120,000 who call Mackay their home wouldn’t swap it with anything. There are plenty of great beaches for locals and visitors to enjoy snorkeling and swimming, plus easy access to the hinterland region where camping and hiking are just some of the popular pastimes.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

The area is renowned for sugar cane and is one the largest sugar producing areas in Australia. In addition to the growing tourism industry, mining is also big business in this region. With mining in a slump right now there are some bargains to be had in the mining industry housing sector.

So with the latest property market reports indicating it’s a great time to buy, it’s time to look closer at the opportunities available, suburbs most favourable and how you can purchase land and build a brand new home and enjoy the rest of your life here.

Home buyers and investors take note

With interest rates low and even lower property prices, the time is perfect for first homebuyers to enter the property market. There are plenty of bargains to be had which does not ring many positive bells for sellers however there are still plenty of opportunities available for those vendors willing to accept the market prices.

In fact, it does not matter if this is your first or third home you are looking to buy, it’s a great climate to buy in and if the latest auction activity is anything to go by, interest is building. Real estate experts are reporting a 25% increase in activity more recently at home inspections and plenty of visitors to homes in a broad range of suburbs. Those financially able will are realising that loan repayments will be equal to, if not lower than what they may be paying in rent.

It’s also a good time for investors. We all know that a long-term investment is the smart move and with prices low it’s a great time to buy.

So what’s the best suburb to look into? Property market leaders suggest that almost every area in the region is a goldmine and the best bet is to not necessarily limit yourself to one place, unless of course you have a particular desire to be beach side or more so amongst nature.

Some of the more established homes in suburbs such as Angergrove and Beaconsfield are proving popular. Bucasia, just a short drive from the city centre is also showing signs of great interest too and with land prices starting to show signs of growth, it is going to be a great investment to buy there.

Taking advantage of the Mackay property market

All signs show the property market in Mackay has reached rock bottom and their recovery is just around the corner. If you are considering making the move north or wanting to solidify your footprint in this tropical Queensland region the time is ripe.
Working with a renowned new home builder will ensure that your options are covered. Whether you prefer to buy off the plan and secure a brand new property or build your own on your own land, Dixon Homes can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Maybe a house and land package is more your style.

The best news is that the current oversupply is making purchasing land that much more affordable. It is time to make your dream a reality by working closely with new home building company where you can design and build the home you have always wanted rather than purchasing a second hand home and renovating.

With growing confidence in the Mackay property market and signs that things will only continue to improve, make the move to tropical Queensland and enjoy the relaxed and affordable lifestyle that awaits you. Buying a modern home in Mackay is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.


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